What listeners have been saying:


“I am OBSESSED. You simply must listen. The part where Maddy refers to her pet as an ‘escaped artist’ lmao.”


“Feeling so crappy lately all the time, really leaning into my capacity to be delighted thanks to Maia’s podcast.”


“All adults should take a cue from Maia about how to listen and talk to kids.”


“So great to hear kids giving their frank take on life with humorous and kind prompting by a host that cares about what they have to say.”


“This is a fun and uplifting podcast. Instead of getting agitated by the news, spend a few minutes with Maia as she interviews awesome kids. There’s hope for our futures!”


"I really can't properly express how much my kid and I love listening to it, and how dearly he looks forward to it each week. He's not one to randomly sing songs to himself, but he constantly walks around the house singing, "I'm in your corner, will you be in mine tooooo?" And more than once we've been on our way to school and out of nowhere he'll say, "It's Wednesday! That means new 'In Your Corner!" Let us know if merch and/or patreon stuff is in the pipeline!"